Oliver Knott cleans the aquarium glass with jöst chamois leather
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Oliver Knott cleans the aquarium glass with jöst cleaning sponge


The Jöst Aquaristic Company

JÖST abrasives, known as an experienced and traditional manufacturer of sanding belts, non-woven abrasives and sanding discs is presenting its innovations again and again. We do not only offer a distinct and high-quality range of abrasives and abrasive accessories, as Jöst Aquaristic we developed innovative products for the cleaning of Aquariums.

Jöst aquaristic is our latest product and supplements the high-quality products of Jöst abrasives. Our innovative aquarium products really do make life easier for enthusiasts!

We at Jöst are pioneers when it comes to solving cleaning issues. We are also aquarists – and we put our heads together to develop innovative, versatile and inexpensive cleaning products for aquariums. The products are reusable, and their quality has totally convinced every user.

Holders in various shapes and even a cleaning glove always offer the best possible solution for the different tasks involved in aquarium cleaning. You can of course remove coarse dirt and lime crusts with the different products, but we have also created a solution for those annoying coatings of algae – giving you an absolutely flawless aquarium.


We're more than just a bunch of experts, by the way - we're a group of aquarium lovers who work together as friends. Together we put a lot of joy and passion into our products - and that distinguishes us from the rest. 

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Jöst aquaristic products contain no chemicals whatsoever


We  stand for sustainability and enviromental protection. Produced according to the highest enviromental standards, our aquaristic products contain no chemicals whatsoever.


We produce exclusively at our location in Wald-Michelbach in the beautiful forest of odin, making sure we safeguard jobs in the region. JÖST aquaristic products; their ultra-high quality and sophisticated designs convince every user! 

jöst aquaristic products are made in germany
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Our products catalog will give you a comprehensive overview of all our Jöst Aquaristic cleaning products. It's packed full of information, products descriptions and examples of how easy our innovations are to use.


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